Take Another Look

I’ll probably write a story about family next. Read at your own advanced warning. I tend to talk in my own language here A LOT. This story will actually fit the standards of writing (somewhat.) compared to the lack of formats in other entries. You have to go back to REALLY early entries to find a sense of story structure. Also, the stuff written on this page- I make no claims about its authenticity at this moment. Perhaps it’s all fabricated at an attempt at getting attention. Okay?? Good. Stay silent, page. I know somebody (more than one person) is reading. I have no idea whom. I hope it’s not the wrong person. Some people would be better off not knowing where I go with my outlets. It’s not their business. They could argue I make it their business because writing can be seen, but the unseen can also be seen. Inaction is just as harmful and unlike you I FOUND THAT OUT THE HARD WAY BECAUSE THEY HURT FROM MY ACTIONS, I HURT FROM THEIR INACTION’S. It’s just a theory, okay? Throw it away! I take a calculated risk by writing here. I can easily switch to something easier and less real but that would not be me.


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