Take Another Look


I never understand how certain guys see fit to put down other guys who happen fit in the handsomely disheveled category as downright unattractive. Usually the guys who have such opinions have their own flaws. Maybe they have nose hairs, or fungus toenails, or they wear happy t-shirts that are would be considered more than just a fashion disaster if the equivalent happened to a women. These are shirts that are not only the wrong shade of bright puke yellow for his skin tone but that set a bad stage for their personality. Haven’t Americans men learned anything from the French or Russians about clothing? If you are a larger guy, take it from the Russians and look for something to soften the hardened edges of your look. Don’t pretend that you can scare away aging with fluorescent t- shirts that nobody ever had the guts to tell you to throw away. If you are a lean guy, go for some elegance, unless you happen to be able to pull off a gangster look. Throw out all ideas about pretentious blouses with ties and just go for soft sweaters and occasionally something obnoxious. Maybe all those years you spent judging what other people should and shouldn’t wear you were wasting time when you could have been finding the joys of wearing what you want to wear. Discovering what feels good in your own skin instead of feeling shock at how those around you dress and trying, like a chameleon, trying to be moderate and therefore look nothing like any of them, with their pathetic attempts to look dressed up or their grunge jeans that they feel both comfortable and sexy in despite the word being out that it’s not okay to feel sexy in clothes that should only be worn by men or women one year younger. It seems the most important thing about clothes is not being pointed out. If you are an artist, it is imperative you find some other way to explore your individuality. And before you find a way to say that everything is an extension of expressiveness, look around you and notice how many people are trying to fit in, and just try, please, just a little bit?


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