Take Another Look

{April 16, 2010}   without

The way it affects you is so hard to explain. Withdrawal is like pins and needles are planted in every thought, exchange, and feeling. For example, the poor people who get on the methadone train have no idea how “subtle” and “pain” can fit in the same world so smoothly. Trying to pick up a book is an effort. Trying to try is another effort, and effort is filled with an unaccountable number of pins and needles. It’s not like a bomb on a bus but the absence of a bus at the bus stop. An absence of a clock when you look at the wristwatch that is supposed to be there. And nobody can imagine how it feels like until they feel it. Even after they’ve felt it, that shock that the world did not contain what it’s supposed to contain hardly translates into words. All you know is you don’t know how far you can go to prevent experiencing that again..


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