Take Another Look

{May 4, 2010}   violate

She clambered up past the ventilation system and sat where students weren’t allowed. She sat leaning against a post, with her knees in front of her, defying anybody to come too close.  Maybe she was counting numbers, or trees, or naming famous baseball players. Maybe she was making up music, playing symphonies in her head, or thinking of nothing at all. She could have been concealing all the secrets in the world, but even the nastiest interrogator would take one look and decide not to pry her open, lest she spill into a different form. There was something intoxicatingly clumsy about her stance, reckless and unspoiled, as if she didn’t know how to be looked at. As if poise was a luxury she didn’t spend money on because she knew it would be wasted. Not that she lacked sophistication, but that she wasn’t in the business of charming people who didn’t belong near her. He would never appreciate that about her. It would continue to grate at him, as if she was somebody to be trained. It never occurred to him that he was the one who’d so desperately needed training, who had wandered near her, and begged to be let in, only to violate her circle so openly and so causelessly.


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