Take Another Look

{April 13, 2010}   Everything here is probably fabrication, so forget about any connections you think you make between reality and fiction. It’s all awash in emotion, and even if that weren’t the case? I’m certain that statistically I’m probably somebody posing as somebody else. OKAY? Identity theft is a real common thing these days. So lay off in case you thought about ever taking anything I say here seriously. Don’t come here looking for answers. Stay away for your own good.

I’ll probably write a story about family next. Read at your own advanced warning. I tend to talk in my own language here A LOT. This story will actually fit the standards of writing (somewhat.) compared to the lack of formats in other entries. You have to go back to REALLY early entries to find a sense of story structure. Also, the stuff written on this page- I make no claims about its authenticity at this moment. Perhaps it’s all fabricated at an attempt at getting attention. Okay?? Good. Stay silent, page. I know somebody (more than one person) is reading. I have no idea whom. I hope it’s not the wrong person. Some people would be better off not knowing where I go with my outlets. It’s not their business. They could argue I make it their business because writing can be seen, but the unseen can also be seen. Inaction is just as harmful and unlike you I FOUND THAT OUT THE HARD WAY BECAUSE THEY HURT FROM MY ACTIONS, I HURT FROM THEIR INACTION’S. It’s just a theory, okay? Throw it away! I take a calculated risk by writing here. I can easily switch to something easier and less real but that would not be me.


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