Take Another Look

I am looking to publish (beyond my grad school thesis)

and am currently working on my third book. I also really want to get my

music scores and CD’s published and OUT THERE. I’m interested in

working with other creative individuals. I am interested in writing music

for film. My dream right now is to work with a bunch of other edgy,

innovative people who are good at (for example) website building,

copyright information, budgeting, getting grants, and start up a company

that helps find talent (instead of making talent market itself.) With the

newness of the internet, I find that for the most part people who are

mediocre in their talent base but have incredible business skills keep

reaching to the top, while the people who have nothing BUT talent

are sliding down slopes even Jimi Hendrix would have shied away

from. If you are interested… contact me at velvetdewdrop@hotmail.com.

I also write for work and can write in many different styles.


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