Take Another Look

{March 8, 2010}   fever

I let the fever get grilling took no tyleno kept passing out. It rises until it is at 1.3 something. Then suddenly it breaks. I am back to my normal temp which has always been 97.4-97.7, on the lower end of things. I feel raided and empty of all the alarm that has plagued me for months or longer than that..how long this sensitive pool of swift cleansing will last I don’t know. My dad tries to play me four messages my sister left me about going to greece with me: he shoved them down my throat when I am not well enough to listen or deal with this level of insanity. I may pretend to be immune but I am not. It feels like sick payback from him. My mom is always saying not to stress him out…I swear if I have to raise a kid all by myself I would merely so it got exposed to corruption at the right intervals, phases of life. My head aches but I no longer care what anybody thinks of me…thank God this sickness cured me


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