Take Another Look

{February 22, 2010}   humor

I used to write things that were funny… My writing has not been funny in so long. I wonder when it will come back. Sometimes there is a lot of shadows and seriousness and there is no way to chase it away. In fact the worst approach is to chase it away or try and scare it from coming away. In those moments I think you can’t be a predator or a victim. You have to stand very still and wait for the spider to crawl off you. Or you have to just make a run for it, take the risk, jump off the fence. But there is always something you can do. Even if it means making the fear go away by doing the last thing it expects. I used to be considered “the free spirit.” I used to have something to laugh about an awful lot. But there are these manic days that seem to be cursed by all black and by this paralyzing thing that nothing will change and that… I don’t know how to put it into words unless you read that thing I wrote that said “fear is what…” and then there were many different scenarios. Fear is when you can’t find the right word to put down, lol.


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